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Cheering for Each Other

At the Super Bowl Experience, our virtual reality game “It’s in Your Hands” was a crowd-favorite! This special experience blends Character Playbook curriculum with the fun of football. Once inside the game, kids are transported to a packed stadium filled with tons of cheering ‘virtual’ fans.

Hearing the roar of the stadium feels amazing!

But to me, the most uplifting set of cheers came from everyone who was in the booth, waiting their turns, watching along, and happy when others were having fun. Here’s a few of my favorite moments:

  • Young kids watching closely while older kids played the game, carefully observing so they’d be prepared for their turn. Good to remember that in life there’s usually someone around we can learn from, and usually someone who we can teach.
  • Older kids cheering for their younger siblings, providing that extra bit of motivation. “Max, throw it higher buddy, great job!” Sometimes a few words of encouragement make all the difference, whether you’re in a virtual experience, or real life.
  • Some kiddos came in with complete confidence for the task at hand. “I’ve done this before, so I know what to do,” they’d proudly say. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve needed an “I’ve got this” reminder like that myself.
  • A few good natured giggles came out when mom or dad tried out the game, and didn’t quite get the hang of it. Even grown-ups need time to learn new things now and then.

The fun and learning from this experience made it clear. No matter the task at hand, our community works best when we’re all cheering for each other.

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