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Community Guidelines

Greater Twin Cities United Way’s website and social media channels are places for two-way dialogue and important community conversations. GTCUW welcomes and encourages comments, feedback, and ideas on our digital platforms, but we ask all visitors abide by the following guidelines to maintain a respectful and inclusive digital environment:

  1. Be respectful– GTCUW does not permit profane or vulgar language, personal attacks, or slurs/remarks that oppose our guiding value of equity. Please keep things civil, courteous, and considerate.
  2. Be real– No bots, spam, etc.- be human! Please use your real name and represent yourself honestly.
  3. Keep it relevant– Stay on topic and keep the conversation focused on the original social media, blog, or web post. Also, please do not post promotional content, such as product endorsements or links to a business, unless specifically relevant.

Comments that do meet the standards above will be removed by a GTCUW staff member. GTCUW staff will also monitor and respond to comments on both social media channels and the website in a timely manner but may not be able to respond in every instance depending on volume.