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As responsible stewards of our donor dollars, we are strategic and intentional about how we invest in the community. Each calendar year we plan how funds raised in the previous year will be used to further our mission. This may include making grants to our nonprofit partners, running the 211 resource helpline, advocating for systemic policy changes or developing innovative solutions to urgent community needs.

How Dollars Are Used in the Community

We use 19 cents of every dollar to run the organization, which compares favorably to the nonprofit sector. By minimizing these administrative costs, we are able to invest more in uniting changemakers and fueling change throughout the Greater Twin Cities.

Accounting, Reports and Accountability

Through intentional ongoing collaboration, we deliver innovative ways to solve community challenges, informed answers through data and technology, and scalable solutions built upon proven initiatives.

2021 IRS Form 990

2021 Independent Auditors’ Report (PDF)

2021 United Way Community Report

Charities Review Council logo - Meets standards, smartgivers.org

Greater Twin Cities United Way meets all 27 Accountability Standards of the Charities Review Council

Guidestar platinum seal of transparency logo

Greater Twin Cities United Way has been awarded the highest Seal of Approval from Guidestar.org.

Greater Twin Cities United Way is among the 500 United Ways that completed the 2021 United Way Worldwide membership requirements by their due dates.

Greater Twin Cities United Way meets all membership requirements through United Way Worldwide.