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Flavors of Our Community

Volunteer at home for Flavors of Our Community March 1 – April 7 to help ensure local food shelves are stocked with culturally relevant food items, so people of all cultures have access to foods, flavors and spices they are familiar with.

Advocacy for Children Day

For over 20 years, hundreds of young children, parents, early childhood professionals and advocates from across the state have come together to ask legislators to prioritize Minnesota’s youngest children. We’re excited to be back in-person on Wednesday, March 22 with you and your family at the Capitol to urge policy makers to go All In for Our Kids!

Changemakers* Unite

Changemaker [cheynj-mey-ker]

noun | A person or organization that sees the problems, identifies solutions and courageously takes action to transform communities.

We live in a world where divisions, disparity and poverty affect everyone. There are many ways to solve these problems, but when we unite as changemakers, we can create a community where all thrive.

Our Mission

We unite changemakers, advocate for social good and develop solutions to address the challenges no one can solve alone.

Our Work

As part of this mission, we play five distinct roles.

Role We Play: Bridge

211 Resource Helpline

United Way’s 211 resource helpline provides information and referrals to 40,000+ statewide resources and services to ensure people have their basic needs met.

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Role We Play: Nonprofit Amplifier

Nonprofit Partnerships

We strengthen and support the nonprofit sector by connecting leaders, training teams and providing grants and technical assistance.

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$3.2M raised for small businesses owned by Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander and People of Color

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Role We Play: Advocate


We educate government decision-makers and work with our community partners to pass and effectively implement policy and funding to support immediate needs and systemic change.

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$100M in COVID-19 emergency housing assistance secured

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Role We Play: Innovator


Through collaboration with community partners, businesses and donors, we create new solutions that drive positive, lasting change.

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Creating Wealth-Building Pathways for Youth through Career Academies
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Role We Play: Business Partner

Business Partnerships

As a trusted philanthropic partner, we align corporate social responsibility goals and passions with community needs to solve problems no one can solve alone.

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“Our employees have been grateful for the opportunity to give back knowing United Way will help direct the funds to those with the greatest need.”

— Lauren Beecham Henry, VP of Community Marketing at Bremer

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Fuel the Change

As a changemaker, you have the power to transform our community.


Help us bring transformative change to our communities through any number of generous contributions from one-time donations to gifts of stock.


Unite with the thousands of volunteers who work together each year to help meet the critical needs of our neighbors through individual, group and company volunteer events.


Take action alongside community leaders and other changemakers like you. As an advocate, you can lend your voice to issues that have transformational power.


Magnify the impact of your dollar while taking on some of our region’s most pressing issues, including early childhood education and LGBTQ youth homelessness.

Changemakers Unite

Events and Updates

Momentum for Change: Why Now is the Time for 80×3

Momentum for Change: Why Now is the Time for 80×3

March 9, 2023
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Family Philanthropy Series: New IRA Rules Expand Ways to Give and Enhance Your Retirement Income

Family Philanthropy Series: New IRA Rules Expand Ways to Give and Enhance Your Retirement Income

March 8, 2023
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Image of a family enjoying their baby

February Advocacy Update: Connecting the Dots to Foster Systems Change

February 23, 2023
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