Statement in Response to George Floyd’s Death

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“Racism and discrimination have no place in our society, and Greater Twin Cities United Way mourns the death of George Floyd alongside his family and our community. We join others in calling for justice for George and for reforms that will help prevent tragedies like these from happening again, particularly to our Black and Brown neighbors. Greater Twin Cities United Way envisions a region where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their income, race or place. We can only achieve this vision if we all, together, strive toward equity and denounce racism and violence.”John Wilgers, President and CEO, Greater Twin Cities United Way

2 thoughts on “Statement in Response to George Floyd’s Death

  1. Minneapolis police should be sat on the way this man died. You have pathetic white officers who became cops bc they were losers in school and now they think they are above the law. This is a horrible situation and all parties esp the fat officer kneeing the man should be treated as they killed this individual. I am a white Jewish woman and appalled this is what I saw. Men in blue are the worst of the worst. They don’t protect they kill

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