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Family Philanthropy Series – You Have a Will. Now What?

Family Philanthropy Series - You have a will. Now what? event

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Estate Plan and Avoid Common Pitfalls

If you’ve created a will, you know the peace of mind that comes from documenting your wishes. After the ink is dry on your will, a few key steps can ensure your estate plan works as intended and has the greatest impact. (If you don’t yet have a will, check out these free resources.)

This fall, two expert wealth advisors joined Family Philanthropy Series with tips to increase the value you and your loved ones and community get from your will – and to avoid common unintended outcomes. Cassidy McCrea Burns from the McCrea Burns Group at Baird and Jonathan Raymon at Baird Trust covered:

  • The value of trusts, and what to consider when naming a trustee
  • Ways to avoid the common mistake of overlooking assets
  • When to update your planning documents
  • Strategies to transfer wealth during your lifetime
  • The importance of talking with loved ones about your plans – and some ways to make the conversation easier!

View the hourlong learning session. 

More Learning

It’s our goal to provide valuable learning opportunities to our donors and our community, including through Family Philanthropy Series virtual learning sessions. See the full Family Philanthropy Series playlist.

Together, as changemakers, we’re creating a community where all people thrive regardless of income, race or place. When you include a gift as part of your overall estate and financial planning, you ensure we make meaningful strides toward achieving our vision. Visit gtcuwlegacy.org or contact Linne Lemke to learn more about how to impact the community through your charitable support and achieve your philanthropic goals.

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