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2-1-1 is Here for You

Every 2.3 minutes, United Way’s 2-1-1 helpline addresses a local need. 2-1-1 assists people facing a problem or looking for opportunities by providing information about essential health and human services, education, employment and much more. The service is free, confidential, offered in multiple languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But that’s just the beginning. Here’s 5 reasons why 2-1-1 is such a valuable resource:

  1. When you contact 2-1-1, you get connected to a real person. Sometimes, asking for help is the most courageous thing someone can do. 2-1-1 makes that first step easier by connecting you to a person who provides a welcoming, informative and easy place to turn. Take a listen to the sample calls below to hear more.
  2. Anyone can contact 2-1-1. Maybe you have a family member or neighbor who you’re concerned about. Or you’re mentoring a student and want to learn about additional resources that could benefit them. Or perhaps you’re a medical professional, social worker, or teacher and want to know of some helpful resources for the people you work with. If you are looking for information, 2-1-1 is here to help you.
  3. 2-1-1 saves time and resources. 2-1-1 makes the most of valuable community resources by reducing misdirected calls to local agencies and non-emergency calls to 9-1-1. For every dollar invested in 2-1-1, the community return is $2.38 in system efficiencies and time saved identifying and researching services. 2-1-1 is the best source to find up-to-date, comprehensive information on thousands of programs and organizations in our state.
  4. 2-1-1 is more than phone calls. You can contact 2-1-1 by text, chat, phone , or search our website. Text service reaches groups who may otherwise have a hard time contacting 2-1-1, including youth who often prefer text to calls, people with disabilities that affect speech, or people who prefer text for safety or privacy reasons.
  5. The 2-1-1 network helps with response efforts during hardships. 2-1-1 has a critical statewide infrastructure that’s been widely used to coordinate response efforts during natural disasters, weather-related hardships (such as the Polar Vortex) and other large-scale emergencies.

If you or someone you know is looking for assistance, dial 2-1-1, text 898-2111 or visit 211unitedway.org.

Your support helps keep services like 2-1-1 going. You can make a gift today to ensure free, confidential information is accessible when people need it most.

Recordings are reenactments of typical 2-1-1 conversations, all 2-1-1 communications are confidential.

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