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Role We Play: Nonprofit Amplifier

Nonprofit Partnerships

We strengthen, support and maximize the collective impact of the nonprofit sector by connecting leaders, training teams, and providing grants to sustain and grow the work of organizations throughout our community.

Our Impact

“There are a lot of needs in the community right now and the United Way funding matches up with those needs.”

“Because of United Way, we have added resources to keep residents safe, healthy, and stably-housed.”

“We are grateful for this most recent grant that is helping us advocate so that members of our community can meet their most basic needs.”

What We Offer Nonprofits

The Power of Partnership

We advance our vision of a thriving Greater Twin Cities for all by working alongside and investing in organizations and nonprofit leaders who stand on the frontlines of community-led change to make an impact in the areas of household stability, educational success and economic opportunity.

Through these partnerships, we offer nonprofits funding, leadership and staff support, and opportunities to build connections within the nonprofit sector.


With equity and inclusion at the center of our work, we provide multi-year, capacity-building, agile funding and innovation grantmaking support to organizations working to fill the gaps and address critical issues in our community.

Nonprofit Portal

Filled with helpful reporting resources, contacts and funding opportunity information, our nonprofit portal makes it easy for organizations to manage their relationship with us.

“Our over 100 nonprofit partners and leaders are on the frontlines of community-led change. In partnership, we create meaningful impact where it is needed most, fuel lasting change in our region, and support a sustainable and resilient nonprofit sector.”

– Anne Soto, Director, Grantmaking

Theory of Philanthropy

We will disrupt inequity and foster a region where all thrive, regardless of income, race or place through targeted investment in support of:

Proven Practices

Working in partnership with nonprofits, corporations, policymakers, donors and the community, we strive to increase access to programs and services with proven strategies to drive meaningful impact in the areas of Educational Success, Economic Opportunity, and Household Stability.

Promising Strategies

In collaboration with our partners, we work to develop and support solutions that meet the current needs of our community. By sharing and incorporating strategies that emerge in the work of our partners with the broader community, we are able to amplify the results to drive lasting change.

Strengthening Connective Tissue

We cultivate connections between impact areas, organizations and sectors in order to engage stakeholders, build awareness, foster collaboration and shape systems and policies that strengthen the nonprofit sector along with our broader community.

How We Show Up as a Nonprofit Amplifier

Community Connection Series

Bringing together nonprofit partners and community leaders, we share learnings, explore new ideas and discuss topics that are critical to helping our community thrive.

Emergency Response

When the unexpected hits our region, as with COVID-19 and the civil unrest that followed the murder of George Floyd, we collaborate with and invest in organizations that ensure the basic needs of our neighbors are getting met.

Council of Agency Executives

This forum provides a place for nonprofit leaders from our partner organizations to build collaborative relationships with one another.

Responsive Sessions for Nonprofit Leaders

These sessions provide timely and targeted learnings that help practitioners in our network deepen their knowledge around critical issues while giving them space to collaborate and develop solutions.

Get Involved

Nonprofit Leaders

We appreciate the work you’re already doing to support our community. Reach out to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Greater Twin Cities United Way and get involved.

Community Changemakers

Take the time to learn about the work local nonprofits are doing to transform the community we share.

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