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Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud

A Platform With Purpose

Salesforce and United Way

A Platform

that brings together the expertise of United Way with the technology of Salesforce to deliver philanthropy through a seamless, personalized and transparent giving experience.

United Way has teamed up with Salesforce.org to change the philanthropy game. Philanthropy Cloud was designed to power your company’s social impact initiatives, from employee giving to CSR goals. Your life is easier, your employees are more engaged and the community benefits.

Partnership Benefits

Increase Participation

Philanthropy Cloud connects employees with causes and volunteer opportunities that match their passions and their schedule.

Increase Engagement

Philanthropy Cloud provides a single source for supporting a company’s philanthropy and CSR strategy while providing personalized content to engage employees.

Propel Your Brand

Philanthropy Cloud allows your company to clearly measure and promote your corporate philanthropic efforts to help elevate your brand. Inspire your employees, customers and investors by telling your impact story.

Simplify Giving

Consolidated programs, real-time reporting and gift processing support will reduce staff time focused on administration.

Support employee engagement

“This new platform is designed to educate donors about community needs and support companies in employee engagement. It also will provide new revenue for the critical community programs we support.”

– Jeanne Crain
President and CEO
Bremer Bank

A state-of-the-art tool

“From our earliest days, Kellogg has been a purpose-driven company with a heart and soul. Our employees are committed to giving back – from lending a hand when disaster strikes to packing thousands of meals for families in need. With this state-of-the-art tool and support from our partners at United Way, we’re able to better engage our employees.”

-Stephanie Slingerland
Global Philanthropy Lead and Executive Director of Charitable Funds
Kellogg Company

Achieve lasting social impact

“Integrating Salesforce.org’s Philanthropy Cloud into our corporate citizenship engine is a natural fit given our long-standing relationship with Salesforce and our commitment to fostering employee volunteerism. By empowering our employees to give back to causes that are important to them, we can help achieve lasting social impact for the greater good.”

-Doug Marshall
Managing Director of Corporate Citizenship
Deloitte LLP

Increase Participation

“Philanthropy Cloud allows our company to effectively communicate our own corporate social responsibility strategy and foster collaboration among our employees. Thanks to Philanthropy Cloud, we can now accelerate conversations with community partners and other corporations about measuring philanthropic impact and community needs.”

-Carley Stephens
Community Affairs Programming Manager
Gas South

The Future

Of Philanthropy Has Arrived