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Women United

Striving for racial and financial equity, Women United sees a community where all women have a path to financial stability, and all children have access to high-quality early childhood care and education. As a collective giving group, we invest in local programs that help women and children build a foundation for a thriving future.

Issues We’re Addressing

Children who enter school unprepared are 25% more likely to drop out of school, 60% more likely to never attend college, and 79% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime—costing Minnesotans $850 million per year.


Greater Twin Cities women are living below the poverty line


of children who experience poverty are less likely to retain consistent employment

The Purpose of Women United

When women join together as changemakers and invest in and support other women, they can solve issues no one can solve alone. Our members collaborate to allocate funding that leads to better early childhood education outcomes for kids and greater economic stability for women. This funding allows programs to test and scale innovative approaches that will fuel lasting change.

Our Progress to Date


women helped with financial stability


children supported with high-quality early learning


invested in the community



Support Women United

Gifts of any amount to Women United are appreciated and will allow us to address the needs of women and children in our community. Make a gift today or designate a gift to Women United during your workplace campaign.

Make an Impact by Becoming a Member

When you join Women United with a qualifying gift, you’ll be part of a dynamic, caring group dedicated to fueling and leading community change to create a Greater Twin Cities where all women and children thrive. You’ll have the opportunity to influence your investment and track the impact you make, network with other women who share your passion and concern, and develop personal and professional leadership skills.

Gifts made at the following levels qualify as a member of Women United with the following benefits.


Leadership Member

Community Member

Minimum donation $1,000+ $250 – $999
Opportunity to serve on the Steering Committee X
Opportunity to chair a committee X
Vote on funding decisions for community partners X
Discounted tickets to selected events X
Serve on a sub-committee X X
Participate in personal and professional development training X X
Participate in meaningful volunteer projects X X
Step-Up to Leadership Member

Donors who pledge a gift of $500 in year 1, $750 in year 2, and $1,000 in year 3 will receive Leadership Member-level benefits each year, provided the required gift is made. Request more information.

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CHS and United Way partner to create stable households in our community

Events and Updates

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Advocacy Update: Major Wins at the State Capitol!

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