Arise Project Initiatives

Arise Project partners are working on innovative ways to support LGBTQ homeless youth. Grants support case management services, safe living accommodations, expanded outreach and service areas, improved technology and training for service providers.

2015-2017 Grantees

Avenues for Homeless Youth
Connect homeless LGBTQ youth with resources and help them navigate systems. Provide support for participants in the GLBT Host Home Program, and for youth exiting the program to maintain or re-establish stable housing, connect with community resources, and continue learning/practicing life skills.

Bridge for Youth
Provide homeless LGBTQ youth with direct access to shelter and safety; assist them in developing resiliency, well-being and connections; help youth and families build and maintain strong relationships; support the Text for Help line, which provides 24-hour support for youth in crisis; and expanding shelter services to western suburbs (Chanhassen).

Face to Face
Provide 1:1 support, immediate basic needs and long-term planning for LGBTQ youth visiting SafeZone and assist them in building independent living skills. Help the LGBT support group with transportation and food expenses. Assist homeless youth in obtaining safe, stable housing and provide rental assistance for participating youth.

Hope for Youth
Support a new case manager position at the drop-in center and new transitional housing program. Provide LGBTQ quarterly trainings to staff and volunteers. Create a community forum to discuss the needs of LGBTQ youth in Anoka.

Oasis for Youth
Support the drop-in center staff. Provide resources for increased staff and volunteer training opportunities. Expand relationships with GSA network and create opportunities for new group activities for LGBTQ youth receiving services.

Support the drop-in center, peer groups and increase support services and youth engagement opportunities. Implement policies and practices informed by youth to improve sense of safety at the Youth Opportunity Center. Provide training and resource-sharing for staff to help them provide safe and responsive case management to LGBTQ youth.