Arise Project Investments

Arise Project partners are working on innovative ways to support LGBTQ homeless youth. Grants support case management services, safe living accommodations, expanded outreach and service areas, and training for service providers.

2018-2019 Grantees

Avenues for Homeless Youth
Provide holistic support for LGBTQ youth. Includes outreach to LGBTQ youth, case management for participants in GLBT Host Home Program, support for youth transitioning from the program to stable housing, and additional resources when in stable housing. Learn more about Avenues for Homeless Youth.

Face to Face Health and Counseling Services, Inc
Support organizational LGBTQ capacity. Includes LGBTQ training for staff who will then train and build competency of others, events and support for LGBTQ youth groups, direct support for clients, and staff time to support programming. Learn more about Face to Face.

The Link
Support Project Live Out Loud, the only LGBTQ-specific supportive housing program in the country. Includes costs for staff members and youth employed on Youth Advisory Board, program supplies and client assistance fund. Learn more about The Link.

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
Support creation of a new Queer Peer Outreach Worker. Includes staffing costs, development of an LGBTQ-specific curriculum for all outreach workers, and collaborations between youth and new outreach worker to develop best practices for LGBTQ outreach. Learn more about Lutheran Social Service.

Oasis for Youth
Support staffing costs for drop-in center case manager, events designed by and for LGBTQ youth, paying youth for participation in Youth Advisory Board, marketing and outreach to LGBTQ youth, volunteer and staff trainings for working with LGBTQ youth. Learn more about Oasis for Youth.

Support LGBTQ Intervention programming. Includes building staff competency in working with LGBTQ youth, staffing costs for intervention specialist to develop best practices for supporting LGBTQ youth, and events and supplies for Out! Group. Learn more about YouthLink.