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Building Skills for a Global Workplace

Leaders United, a unique course designed to engage and develop the next generation of corporate and community leaders, builds leadership skills designed for a global and multicultural workplace. As the program gears up for its third year, applicants may be referred by their human resources or diversity and inclusion leaders. With a broad slate of professional development options in the Twin Cities, why recommend Leaders United?

“The differentiator for me when it comes to Leaders United is the community involvement,” said Philomena Morrissey Satre, Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Strategic External Partnerships at Land ‘O Lakes. “Instead of just reading about disparities, they are assigned projects with local nonprofits and get to see the challenges facing our community firsthand. That’s when the magic happens.”

“What excited me was the opportunity for the participants to develop skills they may not otherwise develop,” said Sharon Britton, Senior Manager with Global Learning & Leadership Development Group, Medtronic. “It gives participants with leadership aspirations who haven’t had managerial experiences yet a chance to gain and practice some of that knowledge in a safe environment.

Land ‘O Lakes and Medtronic have both been involved in Leaders United from the start. As global companies, they say it is very important for their employees to have a broad world view and be culturally competent.

“We do a lot of business outside of the United States, so it’s important for our employees to have an international perspective,” said Britton. “We have to understand that not everything is the same as it is in Minneapolis.”

“In the Midwest, we focus a lot on commonalities, but what happens when we learn about our unique differences?” said Satre. “This program gives participants the tools and resources to build their cultural competency and the language with which to talk about it.”

Both corporations say they prioritize professional development, and look at events, trainings, and programs that can develop their younger employees today into leaders tomorrow.

“The great thing is that as Leaders United participants advance within their organizations, they will have a different lens with which they view the importance of citizenship and community,” said Satre. “As a result, that will help us all grow here in the Twin Cities.”

If you are interested in being part of the third Leaders United cohort, please apply online now.

For more information about Leaders United, contact Andrea Caro at andrea.caro@gtcuw.org or 612-340-7569.

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