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Our Leadership

Our leadership, program experts, individual giving staff, and corporate relationships and institutional giving teams work closely with our board of directors, community partners, volunteers and generous donors to support our mission of uniting changemakers to create a community where all thrive regardless of income, race or place.

Senior Leadership

John Wilgers, President & CEO

John Wilgers

President & CEO
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Juli Durda

Vice President, Human Resources
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Athena Mihas, Chief Financial Officer

Athena Mihas

Chief Financial Officer
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Kristina Salkowski, Vice President of Corporate and Foundation Partnerships

Kristina Salkowski

Vice President, Corporate & Foundation Partnerships
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Sherry is smiling at the camera

Sherry Sanchez Tibbetts

Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
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Mala Thao, Associate Vice President, Major Gifts

Mala Thao

Vice President, Individual Philanthropy
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Program Leadership

Jamie Bonczyk, Program Officer, 80x3

Jamie Bonczyk

Program Officer, 80x3
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Susan Carter smiles at the camera

Susan Carter

Director, Advocacy & External Engagement
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Carolina De Los Rios, Program Officer Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

Carolina De Los Rios

Senior Program Officer, Mental Health & Suicide Prevention
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Carrie Zelin Johnson, Program Officer, Education

Carrie Zelin Johnson

Program Officer, Education
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Stephannie Lewis, Associate Vice President, Community Impact

Stephannie Lewis

Associate Vice President, Community Impact
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Eva Song Margolis, Program Officer, Economic Opportunity

Eva Song Margolis

Program Officer, Economic Opportunity
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Ho Nguyen, Program Officer, Food Security

Ho Nguyen

Program Officer, Food Security
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Julie Ogunleye, Sr. Program Officer, 211 and Policy

Julie Ogunleye

Director, 211 Resource Helpline and 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
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Tina Rucci

Advocacy Manager
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Ahmed Sirleaf is show smiling at the camera

Ahmed Sirleaf

Program Officer, Pathways Home
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Longkee Vang smiling wearing a blue shirt.

Longkee Vang

Program Officer, Career Academies
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Jay Wagner, Program Officer, Housing

Jay Wagner

Program Officer, Housing
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Steven Walvig, Program Officer, Education

Steven Walvig

Program Officer, Education
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Liz Williams, Program Officer, Career Academies

Liz Williams

Senior Program Officer, Career Academies
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Corporate Relationships & Institutional Giving

Lataya Allseits, Business Relationship Manager

Lataya Allseits

Business Relationship Officer
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Alan Branch

Alan Branch

Business Relationship Officer
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Melissa Kadlec, Senior Corporate Relationship Officer

Melissa Kadlec

Senior Corporate Relationship Officer
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Sareen Dunleavy Keenan, Sr. Program Officer, Career Academies

Sareen Dunleavy Keenan

Senior Relationship Officer, Grants & Foundations
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