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Our Commitment to Equity

As an interconnected community focused on equity and inclusion,
we can draw from our best minds, courageous leaders, responsive services
and collaborative partnerships, and bring forth working solutions to shape our future.

To Go Forward We Must Acknowledge Our Past

The COVID-19 pandemic and global civil unrest have forced a reckoning with long-standing systemic racism and oppression that have manifested in deep and predictable disparities in our community. Because of our history of inequity, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander and People of Color often face the greatest barriers to economic opportunity, educational success and household stability.

Further, research indicates a person’s ability to thrive is based on race, income and where one lives. This is unacceptable. At Greater Twin Cities United Way, we seek to dismantle these inequities and foster a region where all thrive.

Equity at the Center of Our Work

The Need for Change is Now

Our mission of uniting changemakers to address challenges no one can solve alone has never been more critical. We address short-term needs and create lasting change with equity at the center by coupling strategy and data with compassion and inclusion through five core areas of our work.

Changemaker [cheynj-mey-ker]

noun | A person or organization that sees the problems in the world around them, identifies solutions and courageously takes action to transform their communities.

Fuel Urgent Change

As a community changemaker you can fuel our work by making a donation, joining our advocacy work, volunteering and more.

Get Involved

Events and Updates

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November 16, 2021
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