We Know That to Go Forward
We Must Acknowledge Our Past


The Need for Change Is Now

The COVID-19 pandemic and global civil unrest have forced a reckoning with long-standing systemic racism and oppression. In our community, this has manifested in deep and predictable disparities.

As an interconnected community focused on equity and inclusion, we can draw from our best minds, courageous leaders, responsive services and collaborative partnerships, and bring forth working solutions to shape our future.

Man working on fixing a structure in his neighborhood.

Unite to Fuel Change

We live in a world where divisions, disparity and poverty affect everyone. There are many ways to solve problems, but when we unite as changemakers we can disrupt systems, unlock human potential, change narratives, create equitable solutions and advocate for policies that result in lasting change.

Greater Twin Cities United Way Anti-Racism/Ethnic Discrimination Statement

Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American, Pacific Islander and People of Color from low-wealth households are among the most vulnerable to poor economic, educational and health outcomes. While some believe these differences are based on individual effort, attitude or skills, the reality is barriers in our society – public policies and private practices – have led to deep and predictable disparities, leaving people behind. These disparities are the result of long-standing racism, oppression, discrimination and inequities, sometimes purposely built into our housing, food, education, employment, and criminal justice systems, going back 400 years. As a result, Minnesota continues to face one of the worst opportunity gaps in the nation for People of Color.

We at Greater Twin Cities United Way vehemently oppose all forms of racism and discrimination and, work diligently to unite changemakers, advocate for social good and develop solutions to address the challenges no one can solve alone through five key offerings: information and crisis services (United Way’s 211 Resource Helpline; Suicide Prevention Lifeline); nonprofit partnerships; advocacy to influence equitable public policies and funding; innovation; and business partnerships. Please join us in transforming the Greater Twin Cities into a community where all people thrive – regardless of income, race or place.