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A partnership that advances your strategy, your goals & your social good for an impact in our communities that is truly unmatched.

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Featured Partners

  • 3M logo - red letters

  • Bremer Bank logo - Dark and light blue text with a light blue line over the letter B

  • Cargill logo - black letters with a green leaf over them

  • CHS logo - black letters with blue swoop

  • Ecolab logo - light blue letters

  • Land O' Lakes logo - gray lettering

  • Polaris logo - blue letters with a star in the O

  • Securian Financial logo - black letters next to a light and dark green knot pattern

  • Target logo - red letters under a bullseye image

  • Toro logo - white letters inside of a rounded red box

  • US Bank logo - white u.s. inside of a red badge, blue lettering on bank

  • Wells Fargo logo - white letters in a red box

  • Xcel Energy logo - responsible by nature


Let Us Partner with You!

United Way is well positioned to be your philanthropic partner. Together, we can collaborate, connect, and create the solution that matches your passions and goals to address a community in need.


Invest in Proven Practices

Fueling programs and services that make a life-changing impact.


Innovate Promising Strategies

Building capacity and reimagining paths to impact.


Multiply Success Through Partnership

Bringing people together to learn, volunteer, and address issues at scale.


Partner in Community

Your unrestricted gifts are investments that build pathways towards prosperity and equity for all today and for the future.


Looking to Volunteer?

Check out our all new volunteering experience and opportunities on our Volunteer United page!