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Resilient from the Start

Research shows that children’s experiences in their first three years have a significant impact on their long-term health and wellbeing. To ensure that every child in our state has high-quality care in this critical stage, 80×3 works with early child care centers to train educators in trauma-sensitive caregiving, support the recruitment and retention of child care professionals and build new capacity to support families with parent education and systems navigation.

An Opportunity for Healing

Trauma-sensitive care can improve children’s executive functioning and emotional regulation, help them form secure attachments, and lay the foundation for a healthy and successful future. 80×3 partners with early childhood caregivers to create new trauma-sensitive and healing-centered supports for children and families in those vital first three years.


of brain development happens by age 3, in which time the brain is especially sensitive to external stimuli


of Minnesota adults report at least one adverse experience in their childhood


3-year-olds in the Twin Cities have been exposed to one or more adverse experiences


in yearly medical costs per child can be saved through early prevention/mitigation of adverse childhood experiences

“We need trauma-informed care to provide the best education for our youngest learners — education that not only is academic, but also cares for their mental health and their spirit.”

– Roxana Linares, Executive Director, Centro Tyrone Guzman, 80×3 Partner

Our Impact

Why 80×3 Matters for Children and Communities

Greater Twin Cities United Way Grants $1.2M to Help Region’s Littlest Learners

Buffering Childhood Trauma as a Community

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