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Volunteer United’s team of experts create meaningful volunteer experiences that help meet your CSR and employee engagement goals and create impact in our local community. Choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities.

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Pack for Impact Kits

Ready-to-go team building volunteer events

  • hygiene-kit

    Hygiene Kits

    Help families meet basic hygiene needs by providing products like soap, deodorant and shampoo.

  • dental-kit

    Bright Smiles Dental Kits

    Good oral hygiene is essential to overall health. Help supply families with toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss.

  • healthy-food

    Healthy Snack Packs

    Provide children with nutritious snack options to curb hunger before and after school.

  • laundry-kit

    Laundry Detergent Kits

    Laundry detergent isn’t covered by SNAP benefits. Supply this necessity and dignity to families in need.

  • first-aid-kit

    First Aid Kits

    Whether it’s a small scrape or a minor injury, all families need first aid supplies for basic care.

  • fleece-blankets

    Fleece Blankets

    Hand-tied blankets provide comfort and warmth to families lacking basic bedding items.

  • early-learning-kit

    Early Learning Kits

    Birth to age 5 is a crucial stage in every child’s development. Provide resources to help kids learn and grow.

  • middleschool-kit

    School Refill Packs

    School supplies are needed year-round. Replenish basic items like paper, pencils and markers to support classroom success.

  • kob-support-kit

    Job Success Kits

    Prepare jobseekers for success with supplies like a planner, padfolio and flash drive.

Volunteers packing backpacks for children in need of school supplies

Custom Volunteer Experience

Amplify Your Impact with a Custom Project

Mobilize your team and support your social responsibility platform. Using our knowledge of our community and its needs, we can design a meaningful volunteer experience that makes a difference.


Your Company’s Goals | Our Community’s Needs

Volunteerism leads to increased job satisfaction and retention and builds your company’s brand and reputation. Volunteer United aligns your corporate social responsibility platform and employee engagement goals with volunteer experiences that create meaningful impact in our local community.

  • Volunteer Your Way

United way event volunteer

Volunteer United’s team of experts will provide start-to-end volunteer project development, management and execution, including:

Volunteering Services

  • Project development and creation
  • Site visits
  • Product ordering, scheduling and delivery and vendor management
  • Messaging and communications
  • Event set-up and clean-up
  • On-site staffing and support
  • Coordination with local nonprofits


Questions about volunteering?
You can reach us at 612.340.7440 or

Questions and Technical Support

Call: (612) 340-7470
Man working on fixing a structure in his neighborhood.

Volunteer Match

If you’re looking for solo or family volunteer opportunities—We’ve got those, too!

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