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United Way Policy and Advocacy Updates

By Kristen Rosenberger, Senior Advocacy Manager

The 2020 Minnesota Legislative Session is off to a brisk start, and Greater Twin Cities United Way and our partners are ramping up our timeline of actions to advance our 2020 Policy & Advocacy Agenda. Here’s how.

United Way Supports “Pre-Eviction Notice” Policies

United Way’s Senior Vice President of Community Impact Acooa Ellis testified earlier this week in support of HF 1972 at the House’s Housing Finance and Policy Division hearing. “Eviction prevention is homelessness prevention. It’s a lot cheaper to prevent homelessness than to respond to it,” said Acooa in her remarks.

Acooa Ellis testifies before the MN House Housing Finance and Policy Division March 4 in support of a bill sponsored by Rep. Hodan Hassan, right. Copyright Minnesota House of Representatives. Photo by Andrew VonBank.

As outlined in our policy agenda, United Way supports “pre-eviction notice” policy reforms, which provide tenants the right to a 14-day notice of a potential eviction due to nonpayment of rent. This allows tenants the necessary time to seek emergency assistance funds or other means of securing rent payment. Ultimately, the goal is to avoid an eviction should a tenant face a temporary crisis.

United Way also submitted a formal Letter of Support to the committee, which included the signatures of many of our grantees and community partners. The bill continues to move forward and was referred to the Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Division for a possible hearing next week.

Want to get involved? Check out our action alert this week on our advocacy webpage. Our growing network of advocates are reaching out to their legislators to support pre-eviction notice policy reforms.

If you missed it, sign up to receive future action alerts and advocacy information by signing up to advocate with us!

Join Us for Homeless Day on the Hill – March 11

United Way is a leading sponsor of “Homeless Day on the Hill” in partnership with the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless on March 11. This is a fantastic event and a great way for individuals that are new to advocacy to connect with other constituents at pre-scheduled, small group legislator meetings.

Stable housing is the foundation that allows us to thrive. Find out more information and how to register for this event here.

MN State Capitol

Advocacy For Children Day – March 26

United Way will again be co-hosting Advocacy for Children Day on March 26 from 9:15-10:30am at the capitol. Bring your little ones, friends and family – we want to pack the capitol rotunda!

This is a kid-friendly event with pre-event children’s activities from 9:15-10:00am, followed by a short speaker program that will include remarks by Acooa Ellis, several parents sharing the importance of early childhood investments and state legislators. Register now and come join us and be a part of this important, fun and energetic event!

Additional Capitol News

  • The state budget forecast was released last week, showing a $1.5 billion surplus, which was slightly higher than previously projected.
  • Minnesota hosted its first presidential primary since 1992 on Super Tuesday (March 3), moving away from its recent tradition of district caucuses to attract greater voter participation.

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