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Thank You Volunteers!

As National Volunteer Week comes to a close, we reflect on the many acts of huMNkindness shown over the last year by United Way volunteers. Tens of thousands of metro area residents have given time and talent to make our community a better place in which to live and work.

Volunteerism in the Twin Cities is more than the obvious work done day in and day out—it’s the ripple effect seen in the community. Volunteerism inspires others to volunteer, models compassionate behavior for children, uplifts individuals being served and builds capacity for local nonprofits. Collectively, volunteers create a welcoming and supportive community.

Our metro area is ranked first in the nation for volunteerism and civic engagement. This isn’t news to us. At Volunteer United, we see the results each and every day. It’s an illustration of our collective kindness. Thank you for being part of it.

Want to explore volunteering?

Contact Volunteer United: volunteerunited@gtcuw.org or 612-340-7440

Mary Smith is the senior manager of Volunteer United, Greater Twin Cities United Way’s free, full-service volunteer resource. Last year, Mary and her team tracked over 100,000 volunteer engagements in the Twin Cities and launched two unique community-wide volunteer projects, Art for All and Home for Good.

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