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“At U.S. Bank, building a culture a generosity didn’t happen overnight. It took an innovative, multi-pronged approach and leadership that delivered on their commitments to the community. Today, U.S. Bank sees community involvement at every tier within their organization. Whether it’s packing kits to help provide a fresh start to new homeowners, investing in job training programs to ensure a robust workforce or providing visionary leadership to non-profit boards, U.S. Bank is leading the way in helping efforts to create stable jobs, safe homes and communities. Innovative, long-term planning made sure that their culture of “Community Possible” is felt throughout the organization.”

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“Innovative strategies to create long-term equity come from visionary leadership and community partnerships. Thanks to the generosity and leadership of 3M, United Way launched the Culturally Powered Communities (CPC) program in 2017. This innovative program was created to foster equity by building the capacity of organizations led by and serving communities of color. To date, CPC has supported 23 organizations, each with culturally unique ways of addressing our community’s most pressing challenges.”

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“In the true spirit of innovation, Deluxe was an early adopter of Philanthropy Cloud a game-changing giving and engagement platform made possible through a partnership between Salesforce.org and United Way. This new online platform is enabling Deluxe employees to donate to causes any time of year through any device. The platform also enables employees to connect with others who have similar philanthropic interests while supporting Deluxe’s corporate social responsibility strategies.”

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