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YWCA: Girl’s Inc.

Afterschool Program Helps Girls Develop Skills and Confidence

At Girls Inc., a YWCA afterschool program supported by United Way, girls in grades 4 through 8 build skills and academic knowledge through structured, hands-on activities. The program helps participants develop skills in math, science, financial literacy, leadership and healthy decision-making.

Favorite activities among the girls include making slime and bubblegum as part of a science project; and a budget game exploring financial decisions in the face of real-life scenarios.

Beyond academic progress, participants have made new friends and become more self-confident. All look to their futures with enthusiasm and big dreams.

YWCA Girl's Inc.

“When I grow up I want to be an animal rescue person,” said Amelia (10, pictured at far right).” Math and science are part of school and part of getting good grades. It’s important to practice every day…We learned about how to choose how much money to spend on things we wanted and stay in our budget and make tough decisions.”

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