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The Carlson Family

The Carlson Family is known for their deep commitment to supporting youth, with a particular focus on mentoring and education. Because they know social-emotional learning (SEL) skills are critical predictors of college and career success, they partnered with United Way and the community to create the Propel SEL program.

Propel SEL supports afterschool and mentoring professionals to incorporate SEL into their work with youth in the nine-county metro region. The initiative helps build understanding of the importance of SEL skills and provides professional development for staff to implement culturally relevant programs. The program supports young people’s skill development by delivering quality learning experiences necessary for positive youth outcomes, such as better preparing students for careers.

The family’s investment has helped 20 organizations equip more than 2,000 youth with social and emotional skills, resulting in stronger problem-solving, decision-making and relationship-building – all critical to successful futures.

The Carlson Family also supports United Way’s Career Academies to help high school students prepare for high-demand jobs. To recognize their incredible impact in our community, the family recently received the 2019 Tocqueville Society Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual dinner.

Thanks to the Carlson Family, our youth are on pathways to direct their futures!

The Carlson Family

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