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Susan Rostkoski

Susan Rostkoski’s United Way involvement spans decades. Throughout the years and life changes, helping others in our community was always a high priority. In a generous act to prolong this support, Susan recently made a planned gift to United Way, ensuring that her support for our community will continue long into the future.

Susan’s United Way involvement began early in her career in the corporate sector.  “United Way has been consistent throughout my life,” she said.  “Working in the corporate world for about 25 years, there was always the fun and excitement of a United Way campaign.”

Over the years, Susan became more involved in the nonprofit sector, and in doing so, became fascinated by philanthropy. Following this passion, Susan left the corporate world and began a 21-year career at Neighborhood House, a long-time United Way partner agency.

At Neighborhood House, Susan has been closely involved in fundraising—through roles in grant writing, donor relations and development at the director level. Susan said that through these positions her understanding and appreciation of United Way deepened.

“In all my years fundraising for Neighborhood House when we received United Way funding it was an important seal of approval that opened up the door for other funding—and that’s still the case today,” she said.

As she gained further insight into the structure of United Way’s grant making and impact measurement, Susan said she developed a great trust in the organization—from both a professional and personal perspective.

“Knowing what goes on in the background, I have the confidence to sit back and say ‘here’s my hard-earned money, go do with it what you need to,’” Susan said, noting that United Way is among only a select few organizations that she entrusts in such a way.

When she completed the paperwork finalizing her planned gifts in her will, Susan said that she was struck by an incredible feeling. “I didn’t realize the impact that it would have on me personally to do it” she said.  “I walked out feeling so good.”

As she reflects on her United Way gift, Susan said she enjoys knowing that she’s part of a long and proud community legacy.

“I love being part of this long history, standing on the shoulders of people I never knew, knowing that I’ll be part of that for future generations who won’t know me either, but I’ll be there,” Susan said. “I’m proud to be a part of that.”


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