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Stephanie Moores

Stephanie Moores believes no child should ever feel left out because they are LGBT and thought the Arise Project was a great way to give back to her community. Steph became involved with the Arise project in the spring of 2012 through 3M’s campaign. She is the Co-chair of Membership Development with United Way’s Arise Project.

One of the most rewarding experiences that Steph had with the Arise Project is seeing the impact in the kids she works with at YouthLink, which offers homeless kids a safe and supportive refuge from life on the street. Steph volunteers a few nights a week at YouthLink, where she helps kids use the internet, make resumes, and work towards their GED. She also plays bingo with them, plans birthday parties and just keeps them company.

Steph talks about the most rewarding benefit of being involved with the Arise Project, “Letting them know that you’re a friend and you’re there to help with whatever they need is most important. To see the kids actually interact, and to see someone you’ve been helping get a new job, it’s really rewarding.”

Not only has being involved with the Arise Project been a rewarding experience for Steph from volunteering, but networking as well. Steph has gained many new connections and has meaningful work while helping with the Arise Project. She urges others to get involved!

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