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Shirley Moore

Remembering Shirley Moore

Throughout her life Shirley Moore devoted her time and resources to helping others and her community. She made a difference in the lives of countless children through a long career as a Minneapolis elementary school teacher, and was active in many charitable causes locally, nationally and globally. When she passed away in 2011, she continued to express care for others by leaving a generous $1.2 million planned gift spanning 12 organizations, including Greater Twin Cities United Way. Her substantial United Way contribution will be used to help people in need in the Twin Cities community on their pathway out of poverty.

A Life of Compassion

In many ways, Shirley’s planned gift is a reflection of the type of person she was – altruistic and supportive. She is well remembered by family members as being thoughtful, organized and selfless. She truly cared about making a difference in the lives of others.

A long-time champion of many causes – including education and leadership, peace advocacy and poverty alleviation, Shirley didn’t shy away from complex issues. A very independent and positive person, she stood up for the things she believed in.

Shirley was an avid gardener, world traveler, and animal lover. She enjoyed learning about the world and took time to nurture her surroundings.

Generous Gifts

Shirley created a giving plan that balanced generous gifts to her family members and generous gifts to charity. Although Shirley’s generous planned gift comes after a lifetime of charitable support, the magnitude of the contribution was unanticipated – catching even her family members by surprise.

Her niece, Sandy Hanna explains that her family was unaware that Shirley would leave such a large charitable gift. “$1.2 million – I didn’t know it’d be anything near that,” explains Sandy. “It’s amazing.”

Leading up to this gift, Shirley took many steps towards building a charitable endowment, which included a variety of long-term financial investments. She set up money market accounts for charitable causes, and left substantial stock certificates as part of her planned gift.

Shirley intentionally managed all of her finances so that she was always able to support charitable causes throughout her life – increasing her support with each passing year. In 2010, the year before she passed away, she gave nearly half of her income to charity.

An Inspiring Legacy

As a volunteer, an advocate and a donor, Shirley’s passion for helping others is an incredible inspiration. The example Shirley set has inspired her niece and other family members to become more involved in charitable causes. United Way is so thankful that Shirley included us in her giving priorities. Her legacy gift will make a tremendous impact on individuals’ lives and our community for years to come.

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