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Sasha Andreev

This year’s Give OUT Day marks the sixth year in a row that we’re joined by a special community champion who cares deeply about ending LGBTQ youth homelessness.

Sasha Andreev is an Arise Project Givenator who’s working hard to raise funds that directly help youth in the Twin Cities. We’re proud to be one of the largest funders of LGBTQ youth services in Minnesota, but there’s a lot of work to be done. We can’t do it without help from amazing help from Sasha – and from you!

Join Sasha and Arise Project on Give OUT Day—but first, get to know this six-time Givenator and change-maker.

Meet Sasha

I’m a Minneapolis-based actor and TV host, having appeared on stage at many Twin Cities theaters, including the Guthrie, Theater Latté Da, Mixed Blood, and Park Square among others, and was recently honored with an Ivey Award as part of Theater Latté Da’s “Ragtime.” On screen, viewers might know me as the host of Curb Appeal on HGTV, Operation Build on A&E and FYI, as a frequent guest expert on the EVINE shopping network, and from numerous TV commercials.

As an immigrant (from St. Petersburg, Russia) and as a member of the LGBTQ community, I know first-hand what it’s like to feel different. Growing up as a short, dorky, artsy kid with a foreign accent who is figuring out his identity gave plenty of reasons to be teased. Having the support of close friends and family definitely eased those challenges, and ultimately gave me the confidence to become who I am today.

Why I’m supporting Give OUT Day and Arise Project

Unfortunately, there are thousands of young people in Minnesota who don’t have the same support I did when I was growing up. I’m helping Greater Twin Cities United Way raise funds on Give OUT Day because I want to end youth homelessness.

On a given night, an estimated 4,700 MN youth face homelessness, and up to 40% of whom identify as LGBTQ. These young people face extraordinary obstacles; couch-hopping, sleeping on the streets, and facing much higher risks of sex trafficking and abuse. The numbers are even more staggering for LGBTQ people of color.

As Minnesotans, we pride ourselves on being a progressive, forward-thinking, compassionate and generous community. Yet, of the $1.6 billion that foundations and corporations grant annually in Minnesota, only 0.05% focuses on LGBTQ support. I think we can do better. Solving youth homelessness isn’t easy—but it starts with people like you and me to serve as a voice for the voiceless! Let’s show our MN love for those who could really use it.

Are you IN for Give OUT Day? I hope you’ll join me in supporting homeless youth in MN! Your donation will directly help youth in the Twin Cities, and you’ll be helping me strengthen our community.

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