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Rosa Miller

Rosa Miller started supporting Greater Twin Cities United Way in the 1980s when she worked at 3M. As she progressed in her career – eventually becoming an executive leading several businesses and a geographic area – it became clear to her that United Way was a strong investment in the community.

“United Way knows how to harness caring people to work together to help those most in need,” said Rosa. “They [United Way] innovate to find solutions to help people become more self-sufficient and create a brighter future for themselves.”

Rosa is passionate about education. She supports United Way’s work through annual financial gifts and a planned gift with the goal of reducing educational opportunity gaps for students of color.

“I believe education is a common denominator because informed and educated communities can make better decisions for themselves and their families, and United Way plays an important role in this.”

Rosa is making a big difference and through her planned gift with United Way, ensuring that her generosity will live on. Thank you!

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