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A New Mom Preparing for the Future

When Cassidy became a new mom, she had a lot to learn about her baby’s development.

For support, she turned to Metro Alliance for Healthy Families, a United Way partner that provides parenting and health care education for families in need.

Thanks to weekly home visits with a nurse, Cassidy has a trusted professional who not only guides her through her daughter’s growth and development, but also helps her work on family goals.

Through the program Cassidy learned about her baby girl’s developing brain, and how breastfeeding builds trust. As a teen parent, Cassidy is focused on her schoolwork and hopes to become a pediatrician.

The program has helped Cassidy feel empowered. “It makes me more confident as a mom because I know what I’m doing for her will help her in the future,” she said. And preparing for the future is something Cassidy is excited for. “I already started a college fund for her,” she said.

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