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Katie O’Sullivan

When Katie O’Sullivan moved from Chicago to the Twin Cities area, she wanted to find a way to get acquainted with people in her new community. Through her employer, PwC, she found opportunities at United Way to gain connections with colleagues interested in networking and philanthropy.

Katie first began her involvement with United Way Emerging Leaders. As her career expanded at PwC, and she became Midwest Regional Practice Director, she increased her philanthropic involvement and joined Women’s Leadership Council.

Caring for her young daughter also sparked Katie’s growing interest in actively participating in the Council. “As a parent, I want to instill education as a core value in our home,” Katie explained.

“Strong early education is vital for success and I want that not only for my daughter but for all children.” She supports Women United’s mission of ensuring all children receive quality early childhood education.

Katie also gains the personal satisfaction of networking with like-minded women from across the Twin Cities. A highlight came for her when PwC hosted a Women United event at her work. She felt the strength of a dynamic group of women passionate in transforming their community.

Katie also cites as a benefit of her involvement in the Council the ability to make decisions about how donated funds are invested. Women United volunteers actively take part in decisions about investing donated funds and also see regular report cards reviewing the progress made.

Katie is the 2016/2017 chair of Women United. Katie says, “Through United Way, we’re making sustainable change in our community. Even if my involvement plays only a small part in the larger United Way efforts, it is rewarding on both a personal and professional front.”

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