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Jackie and Josh

Uncovering Strength & Independence

When Josh was diagnosed with autism at age two his mom, Jackie, feared how others would treat him. She became protective and was hesitant to introduce Josh to new people and places. As he got older Jackie worried that Josh was feeling more and more isolated.

That’s when she signed him up for St. David’s Adventure program, a United Way partner. The program helps Josh grow his independence  through outings, activities and social interactions — all tailored to the special needs of Josh and other kids like him.

Caring staff helped Josh learn new ways to stay calm and interact with others. At home, Jackie employs strategies used at the program to reinforce Josh’s strides in independence and self-regulation.

Through the program Josh has made many new friends and has become more independent. Jackie beams over Josh’s transformation. “His life has changed, and that makes me happy,” Jackie said.

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