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Give Out Day

I’m fundraising for Arise Project on Give OUT Day because…

4,000 youth are homeless on any given night in Minnesota. Nearly 20% identify as LGBTQ and there are only 90 beds available. Without you we can’t meet their urgent needs.

Arise Project Givenators Collage

Sasha Andreev, HGTV
Sasha’s Fundraising Page

It’s an opportunity for me and my peers to utilize our resources to make a difference in the lives Twin Cities homeless youth. It’s a day I can commit to focusing outside my everyday life, and bring attention to an issue that is so often taken for granted.


Arise Project Steering Committee (team of 6)
Steering Committee’s Fundraising Page

no one should have to spend a night on the street because of who they are and the Arise Project funds programs that address the needs of homeless LGBTQ youth and helps provide them safe and stable housing.

Jerome Graf

my heart breaks to think of any teen being kicked out of their home, especially if it is the result of being honest about who they are or who they love.

Rita Joyce

I strongly believe every youth should have an opportunity to succeed. And that starts with a safe place to stay every night.

Stephanie Moores

life for LGBTQ youth can be hard enough, but with just a little effort we can make sure that every head has a bed.

Joe Rayburn

no one should be punished (homeless) for being who they are – especially our young people.

Marty Shimko

there are too many young people without homes, but together we can make sure every youth’s head has a bed.

Debbie Spencer


Seimone Augustus, Minnesota Lynx
Seimone’s Fundraising Page

supporting the LGBTQ community is something close to my heart as well as being able to impact the lives of children in the Twin Cities in any way I can.

Seimone Augustus


Mike Augustyniak, WCCO
Mike A’s Fundraising Page

no youth should ever be homeless and we have a responsibility to help our community.

Mike Augustyniak


Mike Marcotte, Twin Cities Live
Mike M’s Fundraising Page

everyone in the Twin Cities, whether you’re straight, gay, transgender, bisexual or questioning, needs to support youth who are struggling. They need individuals who can love and accept them for who they are instead of being forced out of the homes and disconnected from their families due to their sexuality. The statistic that over 30% of homeless youth in the Twin Cities identify as LGBTQ shocked me — this issue is real.

Mike Marcotte


Minneapolis Mayhem
Minneapolis Mayhem’s Fundraising Page

We, as the Minneapolis Mayhem (Rugby Football Club), are fundraising to support and promote the ongoing efforts to end the increasing rates of homeless youth in the Twin Cities.

Minneapolis Mayhem


Kris Walser, Express Scripts
Kris’ Fundraising Page

on an average night in Minneapolis, there are approximately 4,000 homeless youth and young adults. It is reported that 40% of these fall into the LGBTQ spectrum. One homeless youth is too many. Join me in our fight to end homelessness.

Kris Walser

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