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Devin & Fabíola

Devin & his wife Fabíola are energetic, caring parents to a 4-year-old son. When it came time to choose an early childhood education program, they asked other parents for recommendations.

Fabíola heard about the primarily-Latino Siembra Montessori program at Centro Tyrone Guzman and was interested in the dual-language immersion– she’s Brazilian and speaks Portuguese, which she says is close to Spanish.

Devin, who has lived abroad, is thoughtful and open-minded. It’s important to him that his son grows up with a global perspective.

“Our nation is getting more and more diverse, and I think children who are raised with a strong understanding of other cultures are going to be better citizens,” Devin said. “Also, jobs are and will continue to demand these skills.”

In addition to the cross-cultural curriculum, Fabíola and Devin like that Siembra is a close-knit, welcoming community where everyone works together to set kids up for success. That includes Greater Twin Cities United Way, which has successfully increased funding for early childhood scholarships available to students who attend Siembra.

“To me, education is everything. I think our community has a duty to help children learn,” Devin said. “We all do better when we’re able to lean on each other.”

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