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Derek & Melinda Tamm—Building a Legacy of Lasting Impact

Tocqueville Legacy Circle donors Derek and Melinda Tamm believe everyone deserves access to high-quality early childhood education, stable housing, healthy food and good-paying jobs. The couple first became involved with United Way through Emerging Leaders, a giving community for young professionals.

Derek is a managing director and financial planner at Northwestern Mutual and together, they own Ms. Melinda’s Dance Studio in Waite Park. He and Melinda bring this same long-term mindset to their philanthropy. Parents of two young children, the Tamms want to make a difference in their community now and into the future.

“The bigger picture is the future of our kids, and the future of our kids’ kids,” said Melinda.

To ensure their impact continues for generations to come, the Tamms made an estate plan gift to United Way.

“When you’re an emerging professional, you have time and talent, but there’s a finite amount of treasure you can give,” said Derek. Through this gift, “We can turn pennies into big dollars…We can make an even bigger impact by starting early.”

Thank you, Derek and Melinda, for investing in our community’s future.

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