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Learning Skills to Prepare for Future Success

“My dream,” said Gloria, “is to one day be a pediatrician, have a family, and be able to visit and help my parents and my country of birth—the Ivory Coast.”

Gloria, a senior at Thomas Jefferson Senior High in Bloomington, is studying health sciences at Bloomington’s Career & College Academy (BCCA).

Career Academies, powered by United Way, are re-imagining education for high school students by improving graduation rates and preparing the next generation to assume key roles in our workforce. Students like Gloria earn high school diplomas while earning postsecondary credits and participating in real-world learning experiences to build lasting careers.

Gloria plans to attend a four-year-college to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and then pursue pre-med and a doctorate in medicine.

The experience at BCCA is positioning Gloria for a successful future. “Being in the Career and College Academy means that I get to explore the health care field, and to learn about the possibilities within this area,” she said. “It also saves me a lot of money by providing free college classes, giving me certificates which I can use to get a job to pay for my college. Having lots of presenters has helped me connect to people working in the field, increasing my network. Learning about study skills has helped me to learn how college courses are different from high school courses, and how you need to study for them. Being at BCCA also gives you a feel for the college environment.”

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