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Alexis Thompson

Meet Alexis

I’m the co-host of myTalk 107.1’s weekday morning “The Jason & Alexis Show”- you can hear me dishing up entertainment and laughs with Jason Matheson from 5:30 to 9:00am. I love to craft and share fun DIY projects on local and national television programs. Also, I’m an LGBTQ ally and a proud big sis to my brother Jake, who is gay.

Why Arise Project?

I’m moved by the stories of the people Arise Project serves—I know not all families are as accepting as mine when a loved one tells them they are gay. Many of my friends struggled to come out for that very reason. I’ll never forget when a classmate in high school courageously told his parents he was gay, and his parents asked him to leave. Services and programs like those Arise Project funds would have helped him incredibly at the time.

Arise Project is the only consistent funder of LGBTQ youth homelessness in the greater Twin Cities, partnering with eight nonprofit agencies to create first-ever services for LGBTQ youth including culturally relevant programming, LGBTQ case workers, LGBTQ-led support groups, text-to-help-lines, and host home programs. I’m honored to return this year once again as an Arise Project Givenator to ensure the funding for LGBTQ youth homelessness matches the need. I hope you’ll join me—let’s get to work!

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