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Scottie Carter Joins Greater Twin Cities United Way as DEI Leader

By John Wilgers, President and CEO, Greater Twin Cities United Way

As we at Greater Twin Cities United Way continue to focus on equity and racial justice – both in terms of how we work as an organization and how we serve our community – I’m pleased to announce a new role within our organization. Scottie Carter joins the executive leadership team as the Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

In this role, Scottie will serve as a catalyst for intentional change, identifying disparities, challenging the status quo and fostering inclusion to help create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization and to address systemic racism in the region.

Vice President of Diversity, Equity and InclusionScottie has worked on issues of inequity as a professional and as a community organizer and volunteer. A graduate of Howard University School of Law, Scottie joins us from Bloomberg Law where he partnered with internal business units to help set company-wide diversity and inclusion goals.

Notably, he also served as a Senior Diversity and Inclusion Advisor for Culturally Competent Consulting in Minneapolis, an organization that provides resources and bridges gaps within marginalized communities.

Scottie shared, “I’m really passionate about diversity and inclusion. Like many people, in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd I really took inventory of what I had accomplished in this space and what I felt I still needed to achieve.”

Scottie says his passion for DEI developed at an early age. Growing up in the inner city of Chicago, he realized his view of the world was limited to the community in which he lived and went to school. He quickly understood that to have a broader world view, he needed to interact with people who had different lived experiences from his own.

From creating a group to bring together youth from different backgrounds at the age of 12 to hosting a local cable television show celebrating differences in high school to organizing affinity groups as a student at Howard University, Scottie has been a lifelong changemaker.

“So many things in life divide us, but we all need each other,” said Scottie. “The only way we move forward is together.”

I really like Scottie’s mantra about work and life: “Nothing grows without the ground being disturbed.” His purpose within our organization is to do just that — to have the difficult and critically important conversations, then turn those conversations into action.

Scottie brings a wealth of experience and passion to this role. The team and I look forward to his contributions as we all work together to create a community where all people thrive – regardless of income, race or place.

Welcome, Scottie. We’re glad you’re here!

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