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Super Bowl Experience: Coming Together For Kids

On Saturday night the Super Bowl Experience was a sight to behold. On the way over, we saw crowds of people flooding Nicollet mall for the Idina Menzel concert.

Inside the Super Bowl Experience, I was overwhelmed by: The Lombardi Trophy;  NFL players signing autographs; cool cars; loud music; football videos on huge screens; beer (I wasn’t partaking, of course); future NFLers running routes; grandparents seeking to relive their youth by kicking field goals on an indoor field; lots of football paraphernalia, skittles (yes, skittles…you had to be there); exhausted parents; overexcited kids; and one adorable toddler who felt that rolling around on the floor was the best thing ever.

With all of that the thing that stays with me is how much everyone cared about the kids.

I was struck by number of people who were interested in learning more about the United Way/NFL Character Playbook and how they could get it in their schools.

I was struck by the number of people who entered the United2Win sweepstakes, not for the Super Bowl Tickets, but because the money would go towards expanding Character Playbook.

I was struck by the patience, positivity, and caring displayed by my United Way colleagues as they took pictures and prepared the kids for their virtual character-building experience.

I was struck by how in the midst of the glitz and glamour caring people came together to ensure that our kids reach their full potential.

Kids waiting in line at United Way's booth at Super Bowl Experience    

Photo (left): Kids in line to experience the Character Playbook virtual reality technology at United Way’s booth at Super Bowl Experience; Photo (right): A United Way staff member helps a donor give to Character Playbook through our United2Win sweepstakes.

Craig WarrenCraig Warren is chief operating officer of Greater Twin Cities United Way and a United States Army veteran. He’s deeply committed to working towards achieving an equitable society. Craig and his family have called the Twin Cities home for the past six years.

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