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Raising our Voices for Children

Even though I moved to Minnesota from Argentina in 1993, I’d never been to the capital! To join so many people on March 2 (I’m told upwards of 700, wow!) to raise our voices for children was powerful and educational.

700+ People at Capital for Advocacy for Children Day

The building is stunning—tower white marble dome, commanding columns, and the graceful arches! We’re lucky to have such a building in our great state. To see the rotunda filled with children, parents, teachers, early care and education professionals to stand up and speak up for our children showed that we believe in the future. It also touched my heart to see legislators reading to little ones. And finally, it was great to be part of United Way, to stand with my coworkers speaking up for children and education regardless of your role. It’s gratifying that my job aligns with my values.

There are many ways to stay involved, and I have a plan to share with you:

  • Send a thank you letter or email to your legislator. Some say emails get lost, but I plan on doing both.
  • If your legislator followed through on a specific request you made, thank him or her for it. Saying thank you is the sincerest form of human kindness!
  • If a legislator raised a question, answer it in your letter. Remember, they are accountable and want your voice!
  • Track the progress of the bills with Bill Tracker 2017.
  • If your legislator hasn’t done anything yet, let them know you’ll be following up with them. I will be sending more letters, that’s for sure!
  • Consider this event to be the beginning of your relationship with your legislator. Stay in contact!

Do you want to attend a hearing? Please sign up in the form below and we’ll contact you when they come up. They can come up quick, but it’s a great way to learn more about how a bill becomes law. I’m excited to be learning more about this, and supporting our children!

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Andrea Caro manages Greater Twin Cities United Way’s Leaders United program.

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