Jaci Donlan Sr. Relationship Officer, Corporate & Foundations Strategy Lead

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Inspiration: “What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us.”— Robert Kennedy

What working in this community means to me: “I believe when we come together we rise together. Being a part of that work is both powerful and meaningful to me, and feeds every part of my life.”

Jaci is responsible for year-round relationship management with United Way’s top corporate partners. She oversees year-round giving, sponsorships, volunteerism and employee engagement for these companies. Jaci connects each corporate partner’s mission and passions to the important work of United Way.

With over 17 years of sales, data consulting and execution experience, Jaci transitioned to the nonprofit space to bring people together to build a better community. She has worked for both Wells Fargo and Dun & Bradstreet consulting for and selling to Fortune 500 companies nationally. Jaci holds her bachelor’s degree from Winona State University in organizational communication.

Jaci and her family focus on volunteering and friends to keep their lives bright, with plenty of time held for cooking!

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