Portico Healthnet

Provides quality healthcare and education to meet community needs.

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St. Paul, MN  55114-1075
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United Way Funded Program

Application and Enrollment Assistance for Publicly Funded Health Insurance
Locating uninsured individuals and families, screening them for coverage eligibility, providing application and enrollment assistance for those potentially eligible for Minnesota Health Care Programs, and offering a unique coverage program for those ineligible for public coverage.

Linguistically and culturally competent staff build trustful relationships within hard-to-reach communities and develop partnerships with public health departments, schools, churches, neighborhood and culturally specific organizations to identify and connect with uninsured individuals and families.

Portico screens an individual's entire household to determine potential eligibility for Minnesota Health Care Programs and Portico's coverage program. We provide comprehensive assistance and support throughout the entire application process for public coverage, act as liaisons between applicants and state and county offices, and assist with the enrollment and renewal processes. Portico offers its own coverage program for those ineligible for public coverage and who meet our guidelines.