Goal: Children Have Foundational Reading Skills

Being successful in school is the foundation for success in life. To be successful in school, a child must reach the critical benchmark of reading at grade level by the end of fifth grade.

  • In our partner school districts, there are approximately 12,000 students grades K-3 who are not reading at grade level.1
  • In Minnesota, only 63 percent of low-income students pass the MCA-II reading test, in contrast with the 88 percent pass rate of their higher-income counterparts.2

United Way's Response

United Way invests in comprehensive strategies that help students learn to read: one-on-one tutoring, parent engagement and early identification of student needs.

An innovative partnership created with the Saint Paul Public Schools supports one-on-one tutoring in more than 30 schools. This multi-year strategic effort includes programming based on best practices to drive educational achievement.

Our Results

2014 Goal: Increase early grade literacy for 7,200 students.

Result: We increased early grade literacy for 5,100 students.


  1. Minnesota Department of Education enrollment data and MCA-II reading test data for 2009-2010 school year.
  2. Minnesota Department of Education, 2009