Goal: Provide Housing Stability

In the nine-county region, 360,000 people live in households paying 50 percent or more of their income for housing; this is considered "extremely cost burdened" and puts them at high risk of losing their housing.1

People living in poverty experience multiple challenges, and losing housing is a crucial obstacle to becoming self-sufficient.

Being homeless is a daily preoccupation with finding shelter and being safe. It can trigger a cascade of problems for families which can take months, even years, to recover from.

Community Issues

Wilder Research's recent homeless survey (produced in partnership with United Way), revealed startling truths about homelessness in our region.

  • Approximately 13,100 individuals are homeless in Minnesota on any given night.
  • 20% of adults who are homeless are employed; only 6% are employed full-time.
  • Approximately 230 youth (under 18) are homeless and on their own on any given night; over 1,000 young adults (18-21) are homeless and on their own on any given night.

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  2. Delinquencies and Foreclosures Continue to Climb in Latest MBA National Delinquency Survey (press release). Mortgage Bankers Association, May 28, 2009.