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New Americans deserve a supportive place to learn, find jobs, and get the time and assistance they need to adjust to all the aspects of living in a new culture. The International Institute of MN provides that space.

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Advancing New Americans

"Long-term funding is essential if you are going to have good programming. If you have a one-year grant and then the next year have to be looking for another grant, that is resources in an agency that are taken up by an admin that could be spent on program development. Multi-year grants are essential. "

Get Involved

  • International Institute Health Care Instructor and Student


    Help immigrants in Minnesota. Search “immigrants” and your preferred location.
  • International Institute Student Ties on Hospital Gown


    When you give to the United Way’s Community Impact Fund, you help immigrants be successful in their new home.
  • Welcome Notes

    Welcoming Committee

    Roll out the welcome mat and write a note to a New American. What do you want them to know?