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Career Academies Community of Practice

Our Community

The Career Academies Community of Practice is a bi-monthly gathering of school districts, employer partners and community organizations that hold a shared vision of career pathways centered on wealth-building for students in grades 9-14.

The Community of Practice provides space for members to share knowledge, power and expertise. Members take part in shared learning around a wide range of topics relating to students’ career and future readiness.

About Career Academies

Career Academies is a Greater Twin Cities United Way innovation initiative that prepares high school students for zero college debt and in-demand, high-wage careers through real-world experiences and training.

About the Community of Practice

Our vision of change is founded on a belief that building new relationships helps transform inequitable systems. By convening new partners and facilitating new conversations, the Community of Practice advances our vision of economic opportunity for all.

Join the Community

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