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Career Academies

Clearing the Way for Brilliant Futures

Through intentional, innovative education, youth from low-income households and Youth of Color in the Greater Twin Cities will have clear pathways to wealth-building careers with zero college debt.

Transforming Inequity into Opportunity

Minnesota’s achievement gaps indicate we are not successfully preparing Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander and Youth of Color for future success. By bringing a proven career pathways approach to local school districts, we can reduce disparate educational outcomes, close the racial wage gap and fortify our region’s much-needed talent pool.

“The program really pushed me to want to be something. My dad is the proudest guy in the world, and he says my sister now has someone to look up to.”

– Lesly, Career Academies student

The Role of Career Academies

Partnering with school districts across Minnesota, Career Academies provides specialized funding, technical assistance and coaching, and a platform for peer-to-peer support focused on building sustainable career pathways alongside local businesses.

Together, we work to ensure students in grades 9 to 14 have equitable access to college credits, rigorous and relevant curriculums, and meaningful and supportive work experiences.

Our Impact

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