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Minnesota Nice Takes Center Stage

Live from the Minneapolis Convention Center: a day full of new faces and a new twist on Minnesota Nice.

We’re busy this whole week at the Super Bowl Experience, welcoming out-of-towners to our freezing climes and introducing them to our awesome NFL partnership.

Visitors from near and far are fascinated by our Character Playbook experience—a digital curriculum that’s actually two things:

  1. An excuse to try virtual reality for the first time (so cool!)
  2. A fun and interactive way to teach kids how to embrace their Minnesota Nice

Those visiting Minnesota for the first time will quickly recognize it: our penchant for easy smiles, our willingness to offer instant help, and an inability to take ownership at a four-way stop. To put it simply: we own our nice in Minnesota.

And we’re spreading it across the nation with the help of the NFL and a hefty dose of technology.

Dozens of kids, grandparents, and everyone in between stepped up and stepped into a VR headset.

Boom: a digital stadium fills your vision, and an NFL player challenges you to make a smart life choice.

From gossip to peer pressure to online privacy—Minnesota Nice is inspiring kids around the country to make responsible decision and build confidence and character. Learn more about Character Playbook.

Visiting Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII? Swing by our booth at the Super Bowl Experience—you might just have a chance to meet someone like Stefon Diggs!

Jeff Moores is United Way’s Giving Communities Manager. In this role, he is responsible for volunteer engagement and growth of our affinity groups: Arise Project, Emerging Leaders and Women United.

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