Help Welcome Families Home for Good

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A stable home is the foundation that enables us to thrive—this has never been more evident in our community than it is right now. We know a safe place to live is more than just a roof over someone’s head—it’s a place to sleep, eat, and prepare for success at work and in school. However, homelessness in our community has increased 10% since 2015.*

The good news is last year approximately 1,400 households across the metro transitioned into stable housing. But the majority do not have the essential household supplies needed for a safe and permanent home.

That’s where Greater Twin Cities United Way—and YOU!—come in! Through the Home For Good event, Greater Twin Cities United Way is helping 600 greater Twin Cities families enter stable housing with basic household supplies.

Donate needed supplies to create the Home For Good kits by running a product drive at your company or organization, or have items delivered directly to us by shopping our wish list.

Together, we can ensure all families and individuals transitioning to stable housing have the essential household supplies needed for a safe and permanent home.

Learn more about our Home For Good efforts or United Way’s work in Household Stability.

*Source: Wilder Foundation

Volunteers pack kits at Home For Good in Minneapolis

2 thoughts on “Help Welcome Families Home for Good

  1. I’ve gone out to to purchase items for this event. However, one of the items on the list, the Silicon Utensils Set is limited to 1 set per purchase. I was attempting to buy 5 of each item on the list. Do you have a way of asking the vendor or Amazon to allow for a customer to purchase multiple units? Otherwise is there a substitute that could be made?

    1. Hi Dianna – Thank you so much for supporting our Home For Good event through the Amazon Wish List! Our apologies, we didn’t realize the seller had limited the number of sets available for the Silicon Utensils. We’ve gone ahead and added a replacement product to the list, so you should now be able to purchase as many as you’d like. Please let us know if you run into any problems with the updated product, or have any other questions. Thanks again!

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