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3rd Annual Homeless Teens Winter Wear Drive

Hosted by Glory Ramsey in partnership with Arise Project, Sweet Gypsy Waffles, Butcher Salt and The Cheryl Reeve Show from TalkNorth Podcasts

Season’s greetings! As the snow flies and temps dip, we’re on a mission to make sure homeless youth in the Twin Cities stay safe and warm this winter. We’ve set a goal to raise $8,000 this year!

On any given night, more than 4,700 youth on their own in Minnesota experience homelessness (Wilder Research, 2015). Please give the gift of warmth this year by making a donation below. We’ll scour local and online retailers and turn your contributions into as many gloves, hats, socks, mittens, scarves, and hoodies as possible.

Supplies will be sorted, packed, and delivered to Arise Project’s nonprofit partners. Our partners need this extra boost to make sure they have warm-weather gear to last the whole season. Make a financial donation below.

All donations made through this page will go directly to the Winter Wear Drive.

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How it all began – Glory’s Story

In November 2016, an email from Arise Project was in my inbox and I assumed it was urgent (I didn’t notice this email had been originally sent in 2014)! The Arise team was asking for help collecting some winter gear for homeless teens at a Youth Link holiday event. Without noticing the date of the email, I was inspired. I knew my friends and I could pull together and help complete the event stretch goal of 200 items (I have some pretty wonderful people in my life, so I knew this could happen!)

Of course, my friends were incredible and jumped at the chance to help, even more than I could imagine. The first drive in 2016 had 27 heroes donate a total of $1800 and another 11 heroes donated clothing, supplying homeless youth with 584 items! All this because I misread the date on an email and thought Arise Project needed immediate help.

The momentum never slowed. Last year, in 2017, even more friends jumped on board (and brought their friends along) for a total of 54 heroes donating $4,075! This allowed us to deliver 735 items, including 221 hoodies (the most requested items from the partner agencies).

Now we’re at year three of this magnificent journey, and because all those wonderful people made the drive so big last year I can no longer do it by myself. The drive has now evolved into a fabulous partnership with the entire Arise Project family pitching in, along with some amazing partners, to make 2018’s Winter Wear Drive the biggest yet. Our goal is $8,000. imagine how many teens we can help with that!

Make your online gift before December 7; the Arise Project and I will do all the shopping to ensure the agency partners have the items the teens need: hoodies, hats, gloves, scarves, and basics like warm socks.

Two Ways to Give: Financial donation above or clothing donation at December 7 event

Together, you’re making sure homeless youth in the Twin Cities stay as safe and warm as possible this winter. You’re also sharing love and hope—something these teens need plenty of this holiday season.

Please give generously, and thank you for being a champion for youth.


♥ Glory Ramsey
Arise Project Volunteer and Steering Committee Member

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