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Support Jobs For All

We work to ensure all adults have the opportunity to participate in the workforce and advance toward family-sustaining wages. Your donation will help to remove barriers to good jobs, helping people in our community reach their potential.

United We Fight For a Strong Workforce

By 2024, it’s projected that MN will have 400,000 unfilled jobs, most requiring education beyond high school. The way we’re headed, we’re not on track to meet this demand.

Join us! Your support will provide access to good jobs, helping all people in our community thrive.

  • $38 – Supplies 2 job seekers with employment search kits (interview/resume tips, bus pass, flash drive, legal pad, 3-ring binder, pens, and more)
  • $100 – Helps job seekers develop skills for high-demand industries
  • $500 – Contributes to workforce development solutions that will improve our region for years to come
  • $1,000 – Funds skills training for 1 job seeker

Questions and Technical Support

Call: (612) 340-7470